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ViaRhôna from Vienne to Montélimar

ViaRhôna from Vienne to Montélimar Tour 5 days – 4 nights
Cycling period: All year round
ViaRhôna from Vienne to Montélimar, come and discover part of the ViaRhôna between Vienne and Montélimar, a city of art and history, by taking an itinerary along the Rhône.

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Embark on an enchanting journey along the ViaRhôna, a scenic route that unveils the beauty of the Rhône River, stretching between the historical town of Vienne and the captivating city of Montélimar. As you explore this picturesque path, you’ll be immersed in a tapestry of cultural heritage, charming landscapes, and culinary delights.

Begin your adventure in Vienne, a city steeped in ancient history and adorned with some of France’s most treasured historical sites. Wander through cobblestone streets and explore the remnants of the Roman Empire, for Vienne boasts a heritage as rich as it is diverse. After indulging in the city’s past, set your compass southward, embarking on a cycling expedition through the sprawling vineyards that carpet the landscape. The journey then takes you through a captivating landscape that straddles two regions: Drôme and Ardèche.

Traverse lush fields and rolling hills, savoring the breathtaking views that surround you. At the heart of this journey, you’ll find Valence, a city that beckons you to discover its historical marvels and gastronomic delights. Unearth the secrets of its past and relish in the flavors of its culinary tradition. As your adventure continues, you’ll eventually reach the splendid city of Montélimar, where the world-famous nougat is born. Stroll through charming streets, visit local markets, and delight in the sweet confections that have made Montélimar famous.

Highlights of the tour:

  • The ancient theater of Vienne
  • Ampuis and it’s grape varieties and then the nature reserve of the Ile du Beurre
  • Saint Joseph vineyard
  • Tain-l’Hermitage Vineyard and Val Rhone chocolate
  • Rochemaure and its Medieval Site
Day 1
Arrival in Vienna
Arrival in Vienne. Transfer on your own to the hotel, and settle into your hotel. Train from Paris to Veinne (3h). Included: emergency support, phone not provided, mobile guidance application, roadbook, travel book, orientation with a local guide, luggage transfer, bedroom, and breakfast.
Day 2
From Vienne to Davezieux / 52km - +453m
For this first stopover from Vienne, a city of art and history, you will be able to contemplate its ancient theater. This stage of the ViaRhôna offers a great variety of landscapes. From Vienne, you will cross the city of Ampuis and its vineyards and then the nature reserve of the Ile du Beurre, making you discover a wild part of the Rhône. The first vineyards will offer themselves to you during your itinerary. Lovers of nature, history, and gastronomy will be delighted. Greenway all along, except at the end of the itinerary to get to your accommodation. Included: luggage transfer, itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom, and breakfast.
Day 3
From Davezieux to Valence / 53km - +160m
For this second day between Drôme and Ardéche on the ViaRhôna, you will be in the heart of terraced vineyards and orchards. The many vineyards that you will see are Saint-Jospeh. Once you arrive in Tournon-Sur-Rhône, we invite you to discover the oldest suspension bridge in France at the banks of the Rhône. On the other side of the Rhône at Tain-l'Hermitage are the slopes of the Hermitage and the Cité du Chocolat ValRhône. Included: luggage transfer, itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom, and breakfast.
Day 4
From Valence to Montelimar / 57km - +230m
This is the last and longest day of your stay on the ViaRhôna. After a stop at the port of Eperviére in Valence, head towards La Voulte-sur-Rhône, passing on the Ardéche side. You will be overwhelmed by nature and the villages of character in this part of the ViaRhône. Alternating between the greenway and the shared lane with very little traffic to reach Montélimar. On the last part of the route from Pouzin, you will discover Cruas and its magnificent abbey church, then Rouchemaure and its medieval site, and finally Montélimar, a Provencal town. You can continue your stay on this itinerary in the direction of Avignon. Included: luggage transfer, itinerary (no cue sheets), bedroom, and breakfast.
Day 5
Departure from Montélimar
Day of departure. Enjoy your last moments in Montélimar. Then, take the train for many connections (at your expense). We can book you extra nights or continue your stay, do not hesitate to contact us. Included: breakfast.

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