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General conditions – Cycle Classic Tours

Article 1 – Description of glossary

Cycle Classic Tours: website servicing tour operators to sell bike holidays abroad.

Trip: A trip offered by Cycle Classic Tours on behalf of tour operator intended for  resale.

Booking: An agreement between client and tour operator, confirmed by Cycle Classic Tours, of a trip offered by Cycle Classic Tours. Bookings are subject to the travel-, booking- and cancellation conditions of relevant tour operator as well as the general conditions of Cycle Classic Tours.

Tour operator: The organization responsible for the information about the trip and the execution thereof in practice.

Article 2 – Applicability general conditions

These general conditions are applicable to all offers, agreements and delivered services of, with and by Cycle Classic Tours. Oral agreements and/or admissions of employees of Cycle Classic Tours are, to the extent contrary to the general conditions, only valid if confirmed in writing.

Cycle Classic Tours reserves its right to unilaterally modify aforementioned general conditions. Cycle Classic Tours will communicate modifications at least one month prior to its taking effect via de webpage of Cycle Classic Tours.

Apart from our general conditions Cycle Classic Tours applies the travel conditions of the tour operator with which you have booked your trip.

Bookings are not optional

Once you have booked through our website or by telephone you cannot cancel or modify without additional costs. Should a price differ from the originally communicated information then at all times you will be contacted by us before your booking is processed.

Travelling together, booking together!

If you are you travelling with other families or friends we strongly advise you to book for all participants at once. Your request will thereafter be processed as one booking which may be an advantage regarding possible later modifications or cancellations and it is possible that you may be offered a discount with regards to insurance policy and/or administrative costs such as handling fees as well your contribution to the Calamity Fund.


Should you have you any specific food preferences then we advise you to communicate these to us right at the beginning of your booking. Further preference requests after having made your booking may result in extra costs. We unfortunately cannot guarantee inclusion of such preferences, but we will convey your preferences to the relevant tour operator. We strongly advise however that you mention your preferences once again upon arrival at your destination.

Article 3 – Nature of the agreement

The website of Cycle Classic Tours will be used by tour operators to provide information to site visitors to choose a trip and book through the site with the relevant tour operator.

To book your trip you can complete and send the booking form provided on the website of Cycle Classic Tours to us.

Upon receipt of a booking form Cycle Classic Tours will book the trip in accordance with your booking information with your chosen tour operator.

Cycle Classic Tours undertakes at all times to contact you if your booking cannot be processed in accordance with your wishes, or if prices differ from the information as published on our website at the time of your booking.

Travelling costs that were not published on our website at the time of your booking will be discussed with you before any booking is fully processed and confirmed.

In case of an agreement between a tour operator and a visitor to the website of Cycle Classic Tours, Classic Cycle Tours is explicitly not a party thereto, except regarding the administrative arrangements and the oral and/or written clarification to the visitor.

Article 3.1. – The booking form is a travel agreement

Cycle Classic Tours accepts bookings by telephone as well as via its website.

Our preference is for bookings via our website so that there is no doubt about sharing the same booking data.

As soon as your booking has been captured on our system, or once the online booking form is in our possession, we will put everything to work to realize your wishes. Once your booking has been fully implemented, you will receive an invoice from us as proof thereof.

Article 4 – Payments of the travel cost


You pay immediately after your booking the deposit as mentioned. This is 30% to 40% of the complete travel cost, depending on the tour operator.

The remaining payment must be received in our account 60 days prior to your departure at the latest. If you book 60 days prior to your departure then you are required to transfer the entire invoiced amount in one transaction to Cycle Classic Tours  immediately following your booking.

5 – Travel information, travel sums and modifications

Modifications are processed regularly on our website. Save a copy of your every extended travel description as published at the time of your booking.  You do this by saving the information of your booking on your computer hard drive right after sending your online booking form.

The travel information as well as information regarding travel costs, availability and group tours as published on the website of Cycle Classic Tours are subject to interim (price) changes, technical failures and apparent typing errors.

Article 6 – Cancellation by client

Should you require cancellation of your trip (be the booking thereof pending or completed) Cycle Classic Tours will implement the cancellation conditions. Reservation costs and/or modification costs will always be charged 100% to the client and therefore do not fall under the aforementioned percentages of the total travel costs.

Cancellation of the travel agreement must always be in writing (by option in registered mail) or via e-mail with specific mention of your first- and surname, the title or name of your booked trip, the departure date and the reservation- or booking number.

Article 6.1 – Standard cancellation costs

Should the travel agreement be cancelled, Cycle Classic Tours will charge to client, apart from due reservation costs, the following cancellation costs:

●       cancellation on day 62 (included) till day 61 (excluded) prior to date of departure: loss of the deposit

●       cancellation on day 60 (included) till day 50 (excluded) prior to date of departure: 50% of the travel cost

●       cancellation on day 50 (included) till day 35 (excluded) prior to date of departure: 45% of the travel cost

●       cancellation on day 35 (included) till day 25 (excluded) prior to date of departure: 60% of the travel cost

●       cancellation on day 25 (included) till day 15 (excluded) prior to date of  departure: 75% of the travel cost

●       cancellation on day 15 (included) till date of departure: 90% of the travel cost

●       cancellation on date of departure of thereafter: the entire travel cost.

Take note: It may occur that urgent circumstances force you to cancel your trip. This can be very expensive. For this reason it is prudent to have travel cancellation insurance. When you are forced to cancel the insurance premium will not be refunded.

Article 7 – Travel documents

Travel documents are sent out as soon as the entire travel cost has been received in our account, but mostly no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the date of departure.

Article 8 – Exclusion and limitations of liability

  1. If a treaty, regulation or law is applicable to a service included in the trip that permits an exclusion or limitation of liability by the service provider, then the liability of Classic Cycle Tours will be accordingly excluded or limited.
  2. If Cycle Classic Tours is liable to the client for loss of travel pleasure, the compensation will be limited to the travel costs.
  3. Cycle Classic Tours is not liable if the client can recover his/her damages under travel and/or cancellation insurance.
  4. The liability of Cycle Classic Tours for other damages than that caused by death or injury to the client is limited to a maximum of three times the travel cost, unless there is intent or recklessness on the part of Cycle Classic Tours.
  5. The exclusions and/or limitations to liability included in this article also apply with respect to employees of Cycle Classic Tours, the bookings office and relevant service providers, as well as their personnel.

Article 9 – Copyright 

All publications of Cycle Classic Tours are protected by the law of copyright and/or trademarks. All rights are therefore reserved. No written or digital publications, shall in any way, form or shape be reproduced without explicit prior written permission by Cycle Classic Tours.

Article 10 – Final provisions

Dutch Law applies to these general conditions, to the extent that the rules of international private law do not stipulate otherwise. Possible disputes flowing from these general conditions will in the first instance be settled by a competent judge in The Netherlands unless international private law dictates otherwise.

Should any provision be found to be void then all other general conditions will remain in force.



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