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Granada to Sevilla cycling tour

Granada to Sevilla cycling Tour – Self-guided
Every day all year round- For guided options from 4 persons or more send us an email.

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Cycle from Granada to Sevilla

This great cycling holiday tour begins in Granada. Granada is the last bastion of al-Ándalus to fall to the Christian invaders in 1492. Before starting your cycling adventure there will be time to visit the famous and beautiful Alhambra Palace. The Alhambra Palace is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site that you encounter on the route to Sevilla. From Granada, you make your way through the countryside of Andalusia and you will face some serious climbing. The first night you will be spending in Priego de Córdoba. Historical Córdoba is the second UNESCO World Heritage site.

Enjoy Andalusia on your road bike!  Andalusia offers all you have on your bucket list, white-washed villages,  warm summers, and of course, the food!

On day 5 you face the toughest stage when riding out of Córdoba. Climbing the hills of the Sierra Morena is a great cycling challenge and the overnight in Constantina is really nice.

Once again on the road and climbing the Sierra Morena the last night before you hit Sevilla. Cycling all southwest into Sevilla, leaving the climbs behind and following the beautiful river valley into the contemporary capital of Andalucia.

This route might be intense for some amateur cyclists. The route can be driven on road bikes, gravel, or e-bikes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this wonderful Granada to Sevilla cycling tour

  • Experience multiple UNESCO World Heritage sides
  • The elegance of Granada and Sevilla
  • Stunning villages and mountains
  • 6 nights (hotels) along the way
  • Visit Alhambra Palace, Roman Bridge, Madinat Al-Zahra, and many more beautiful places
  • Wander around in Sevilla, Granada, or Cordoba!
  • In Sevilla, you encounter world-famous monuments such as the cathedral and the Giralda.
  • Enjoying Spanish hospitality and gastronomy in a journey back in time.
  • All countryside villages are connected by local high mountain roads, mostly traffic-free and with excellent asphalt.
Day 1
Check in
Check-in around 14.00 at your hotel. After the check-in, there will be a welcome briefing in the evening, bike set up, GPS, and maps delivery.
Day 2
Granada to Priego de Cordoba 90km
The first stage leaves Granada in the northwest direction on secondary roads. As the valley of Granada recedes the course turns west towards the Parque Natural Sierras Subbeticas. Turning north following the course of the Rio Salado the eastern edge of the Parque Natural to Priego de Cordoba. Accumulated climb 1917m.
Day 3
Priego de Cordoba to Baena 87km
The route that is selected is a very indirect way of getting to Baena, but it will be a lot more fun! Once again following the edges of the Parque Natural, the road takes you to Zuheros, a very small town built on the side of a mountain with a castle overlooking it – the very romantic essence of a Spanish castle. The stage then follows the via verde de ancient, a traffic-free cycleway, and then turns north and west back on yourself past the Cerro de Majadehonda, the day ends in Baena. Accumulated climb 1171m
Day 4
Baena to Cordoba 62km
This stage is direct, short, and can be said to be downhill all the way. With less riding, you will have more time to spend in Córdoba. The Great Mosque, begun in 786 the mosque marks the glory of the Caliphate and is the gem of Córdoba, but you must also see the many Roman sites, the ancient synagogue, and the medieval and renaissance palaces and buildings of this beautiful city. Accumulated climb 707m.
Day 5
Cordoba to Constantina 107km
The longest and most intense stage of the tour takes west out of Córdoba, and then NW into the hills of the Sierra Morena. However, first of all, just 7 km out of Córdoba you can take time to Visit the Palace Complex of the Madinat Al-Zahra, the third UNESCO site of the journey. Begun in 936 by the Califato de Córdoba, it is known as the Vesailles of the medieval world. Back on the road, you can now click into your pedals, sit back and get into a good cadence and really enjoy the next stage into the Sierra Morena. The day ends in the market town of Constantina, a cozy town with many bars and restaurants to be explored. Accumulated climb 1398m
Day 6
Constantina/ Sevilla, 85km
Downhill, all the way, freewheeling past the dehesas, rolling, winding roads through small towns, the hills behind you, and the river valley before you arrive from the north into Sevilla and the journey has come to an end. Accumulated climb 456m.
Day 7
Departure Day
Time to say goodbye we wish you a good flight back home or a pleasant stay in Spain.

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