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Pisa, Lucca & Coastline Cycle Tour

Pisa, Lucca & Coastline Cycle Tour
From March 1 until October 31
Self-guided minimum of two persons
For guided options from 4 persons or more send us an email

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Cycling Tour Pisa, Lucca, and Viareggio Cycle Tour on E-bike or Trekking bike

Pisa and Lucca, are two enchanting outdoor museums that beckon with their rich history and architectural splendors. Viareggio, often hailed as “the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea,” offers pristine beaches and a vibrant nightlife that attracts visitors from far and wide. And then there’s Pietrasanta, often referred to as the “small Athens,” a cultural hub that resonates with artistic expression.

While the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands as the world’s most iconic Italian monument, Lucca’s formidable walls are equally captivating, drawing millions of tourists with their grandeur and impeccable preservation. Viareggio’s sun-kissed shores are a haven for beach enthusiasts, offering not only relaxation but also a bustling nightlife scene. These well-known treasures, though impressive in their own right, are just the tip of the iceberg. The tour will lead you on an exploration of hidden gems, places that, while perhaps less imposing and famous, exude even more picturesque and romantic charm.

Your journey doesn’t limit itself to cityscapes; it encompasses the beauty of the sea, rivers, lakes, and idyllic countryside, adorned with quaint medieval villages and Romanesque churches.
The views from the gentle hills, cloaked in vineyards and olive trees, offer a breathtaking panorama, with the snow-capped Apuan Alps as a majestic backdrop. Food enthusiasts will savor the culinary delights of the region, with the hills of Lucca renowned worldwide for their delectable cuisine, wines, and olive oils.

Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Pisa, Lucca, and Versilia, or indulge in a quick Neapolitan pizza for a change of pace.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Art cities and medieval villages of Pisa and Lucca
  • The elegance of Versilia coast
  • Wine roads through the famous “Super Tuscan” vineyards
  • Seaside villages, parks, and pinewoods flow into wild endless beaches
  • Lucca
  • Viareggio
  • Torre del Lago Puccini
  • Camaiore
  • Pietrasanta
  • Pisa
Day 1
Pisa arrival
After arriving at the hotel, you will start the tour of the city of Pisa, traveling through alleys, squares, and the Lungarni. You will cycle along the well-maintained public garden Fortezza Sangallo, the bridges with breath-taking views, the modern art mural painted by Keith Haring 'Tuttomondo', and part of the ancient medieval walls of the city. The entire excursion will take place on the cycling path. A quick stop at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and then more cycling at the discovery of this city, rich in history and culinary traditions. You can choose to take a small break: a delicious coffee with a rice pudding or the famous 'cecina', and wrap up the evening with a fine dinner in a typical restaurant.
Day 2
Marina di Pisa / 30km - +30m
The “Trammino” cycling path starts near the railway station and will lead you directly along the seafront of Marina di Pisa, the tourist port, and the beach.   During the summer, take a break at the beach, enjoy a swim or a delicious ice cream, or cycle along the seafront towards Tirrenia and immerse yourself in the thick woods of Tenuta del Tombolo. Don’t miss the sunset before resuming pedaling on the track immersed among corn and sunflower fields.
Day 3
Pisa - Lucca / 33km - +30m
Depart towards Lucca, crossing the countryside along the Medici aqueduct, dating back to the early 17th century, built by Ferdinand I de’ Medici. The path follows the aqueduct with its arches, continues along the countryside towards Monti Pisani, and then along the Serchio river, through the Puccini cycling path (which takes its name after the famous composer Giacomo Puccini who was born in Lucca). Surrounded by the green, among the towers that mark the border between Lucca and Pisa and the Rocca di Ripafratta, you will reach the Medieval walls of Lucca where you can pedal and enjoy the city from another perspective, and then continue through the alleys and taverns, with their typical products.
Day 4
Lucca Countryside / 30km - +80m
The third stage of the tour starts cycling along the “Versilia” promenade, one of the most famous in Tuscany. You will cross the small town of Viareggio, known as a resort for famous people, for its Carnival, and for the production of yachts and luxurious boats. Changing scenery again you will bike through the Natural Park of “Migliarino - San Rossore- Massaciuccoli”, typical for its sweet-smelling pinewoods and sand dunes, and visit Torre del Lago Puccini, in its center. The tour will take you to Pisa again for the night.
Day 5
The Villas of Lucca / 38km - +120m
You'll leave Lucca, along the cycling path that runs along the Serchio River going north, and we arrive in Ponte a Moriano. The first villa that you see is Villa Oliva, located in San Pancrazio, and after a few meters, you will see Villa Grabau and Villa Reale. You can visit all the villas by purchasing a ticket and cycling along the magnificent Park of Villa Reale. Then, you will continue toward Villa Torrigiani, one of the most interesting examples of 17th-century architecture in Lucchesia. The garden is characterized by flower patterns and large pools, inspired by the projects of the Palace of Versailles, with caves and water fountains, still functioning today! Near the Villa, there is Bordocheo agricultural farm that you can visit and taste the wines and oil, upon reservations.
Day 6
Lucca - Viareggio / 40km - +160m
You will start on the cycling path along the Serchio River, this time traveling in the opposite direction. Immersed in a natural and extremely relaxing landscape, you will suddenly see the lookout towers on the border between the cities of Lucca and Pisa, ancient rivals, and the Castello di Nozzano. Then, you will enter the Massaciuccoli park, cycling along the homonymous Lake until reaching the dock, to start the journey towards Torre del Lago Puccini, then you will resume cycling along the coast, where the path continues along pine groves and pristine beaches, with some sandy sections, and you will end the tour in Viareggio.
Day 7
Pietrasanta - Forte dei Marmi / 35km - +50m
The coast of Versilia, with its marvelous seafront, pine grove, its chief town Pietrasanta, unquestioned cradle of sculptural art with its workshops and foundries. This land surrounded by mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, in just a few kilometers, varies from the pine groves along the beach to the chestnut woods of the hills, up to the rocks of the Apaun Alps, marvelous marble mountains, 2000 meters high. Peitrasanta, which was o the Florentine domain, was the rival of Camaiore which was instead under the domain of Lucca. Both cities are located along Francigena, which we will cycle along its most beautiful sections. A section of the old via Francigena along the river, from Camaiore, will lead us to Viareggio and to the sea.
Day 8
Time to say goodbye..., a good flight back home or else a pleasant stay in Italy. Transfers to the railway station or the airports of Pisa & Florence (on request).

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  • E-Bike +270 eur
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