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Via Francigena Aosta to Pavia Cycling Tour

Via Francigena Aosta to Pavia Cycling Tour 8 days – 7 nights
Best Cycling period: April to October

Embark on an enchanting eight-day cycling journey through northern Italy’s historic Via Francigena.

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This journey allows you to discover the different souls of Italy: the tranquil rhythms of its provincial towns, the bracing air of its villages nestling between the Alps, and the modern fascination of its industrial cities. You will taste little-known but surprising “km 0” dishes, from cheeses from pastures to rice dishes, accompanied by the refined wines of the Val d’Aosta. And you will let the landscape variety amaze you, from the harshness of the Alps to the sweetness of hills, to the “chequered sea” of the rice fields.

Embark on an enchanting eight-day cycling journey through northern Italy’s historic Via Francigena. From Aosta’s Roman town, meander through vineyards, medieval pilgrimages, and alpine landscapes, culminating in the serene shores of Lake Viverone. Traverse rice fields, experience community-managed woodlands, and explore the provincial charm in Vigevano. Follow the greenway along the Ticino River to Pavia, concluding with a leisurely exploration of its historic center. This curated adventure promises a harmonious blend of history, nature, and cultural discoveries, offering cyclists an unforgettable experience along the legendary Via Francigena.

Highlights of the tour:

  • The cycle path that runs along the River Dora,
  • Fontina, to cheese from the pastures of the Val d’Aosta
  • The alpine scenery gives way to the gentle Piedmont hills, among characteristic villages and sections surrounded by nature.
  • The wines from the Val d’Aosta, such as Fumin and Chambave
  • The greenway of the Ticino River is among the most important cycle routes in Italy
  • Pavia, one of the “pearls” of Via Francigena: you will be able to end your journey with a nice visit to the wonderful historic center
Day 1
The journey starts in Aosta, a Roman town located in a valley, surrounded by mountains. You will be able to contemplate the medieval capitals in the silence of the cloisters of Sant'Orso or visit the impressive Roman theatre. To end the day, we recommend you take a walk through the alleys of the center, admiring the high mountain peaks that appear over the roofs of the houses.
Day 2
From Aosta to Chatillon / 35km
The itinerary continues across the valley floor, on the cycle path that runs along the River Dora, through castles and vineyards. After a visit to the Fenis Castle, we recommend a stop at the Crotta de Vegneron at Chambave, a temple consecrated to the wines of the Valle d'Aosta. Before arriving you will face the only little challenge of the day, the ascent to the center of Saint Vincent, where you will be able to stop for a reinvigorating rest at the spa.
Day 3
From Chatillon to Pont St. Martin / 30km
Today, a brief journey in a time machine awaits you: at Arnad you will be able to emerge yourself in the part of medieval pilgrims walking through the naves of the parish church of San Martino, before crossing the ancient Enchallod bridge. You can also have fun looking for the tracks of Roman carriages in the stones of the ancient road of the Gauls, which will surprise you with a still perfectly preserved section, leading to the gates of Donnas. If you like more recent history, visit Bard Fort, with its museum of the Alps.
Day 4
From Pont to Viverone / 51km
The alpine scenery gives way to the gentle Piedmont hills, among characteristic villages and sections surrounded by nature. Today's destination point is Ivrea: the old town center will delight you with its fine castle and tall tower of Santo Stefano, but do not miss a walk through an open-air museum of modern architecture. The itinerary continues through enjoyable countryside paths until Viverone, where you will be able to end the day admiring the sunset along the banks of the lake.
Day 5
From Viverone to Vercelli / 55km
Today, you will enter the area of rice fields, which get flooded from March to May, creating a landscape of great fascination. The leg is easy and enjoyable, and you will exit the philological itinerary of Via Francigena to visit the Bosco della Participanza (Wood of Community), whose name originates from the fact that the locals have been taking care of the wood together. If you appreciate local dishes, try the Panissa.
Day 6
From Vercelli to Vigevano / 40km
You will travel across the rice fields of Lomellina until Vigevano, with its beautiful Ducal square, designed by Bramante. Here you will be able to sit under the porches to enjoy a good coffee and some rice biscuits, observing life in the square and enjoying the calm rhythm of this provincial town.
Day 7
From Vigevano to Pavia / 43 km
The green way of the Ticino River, among the most important in Italy, will let you immerse in savage nature, and if the weather is good you will be able to sunbathe on the beaches or meadows near the river, looking out for great tits and squirrels that run through the trees. You will leave the river to visit the Certosa di Pavia, a beautiful monastic complex built in the XIVth century, before arriving at Pavia, one of the “pearls” of Via Francigena: you will be able to end your journey with a nice visit to the wonderful historic center, and discovering the young soul of the city with an aperitif in Piazza della Vittoria, animated by university students.
Day 8
Time to say goodbye we hope you enjoyed your cycling trip and maybe till soon! Breakfast included

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