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Gran Canaria road cycling Tour 2023

Guided Gran Canaria road cycling Tour 2023

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Cycle Gran Canaria and immerse in this beautiful Canary Island! Together with fellow partners on Gran Canaria, you will cycle to the most spectacular places on Gran Canaria. Bike the mountains of Gran Canaria with its steep climbs and dramatic terrains. You will experience the beauties of Gran Canaria whilst riding your bike. The rides feature many highlights ( just check the literary). Gran Canaria is the most interesting island on the Canary Islands because of the great panoramic views, sunshiny beaches, and beautiful mountain ranges! You will cycle also through tiny villages with always the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of the track.

The rides are especially relevant because it’s designed for the cyclist who likes to pedal challenging routes. Furthermore, you will cycle all the top-class places on Gran Canaria. All the road bikes are premium – high-end models from the best brands available, including BH, Cannondale, Specialized, and Pinarello. They’re all current models with premium components. Every bike is serviced by pro mechanics before every rental. Finally, combine cycling with the beautiful landscape of Gran Canaria and enjoy fitness with the qualities of life in “stunning Gran Canaria”.

Average daily mileage: 52-96 km

Daily elevation: 930m up to 2.610m

Average speed: 22-27 km/h


  • Guided tour
  • 1 energy nutrition bar
  • Drinking water

How does it work?

Just book your bike online through the Playa del Ingles website – BIKE RENTAL PLAYA DEL INGLES

Check the Itinerary tab for the rides you want to ride and send an email to

Please note: If you will cycle this Tour there will be a rest day on Thursday.

Soria 70 km - Uphill 1170m - Downhill 1170m
From Playa del Ingles to Soria, you ride on all types of terrain: rolling, flat, long climbs, short climbs, and descents. The views are as diverse: ocean coastlines, valleys, and mountains. What is the ride like? You start with a 17km warm-up in the direction of Arguineguín. Next up, a gentle climb to Cercado de Espinos. Last, but not least, the challenge of the day: the 5,6km climb up to Soria at an average of 8%. At the top, you stop at a local restaurant that serves mango juice, toast, and delicious cinnamon-laced bread. You return along the same route.
Palmitos Ayagaures 64 km - Uphill 1100m - Downhill 1100m
You start your adventure at the Free Motion shop in Playa del Inglés. The first part of your ride is relatively flat and makes for a perfect warm-up until you reach the Bar la Cuevita. From there, it's all uphill on hairpin bends to the Mirador de Ayagaures. There you stop and enjoy the panoramic view of the valley. Next, you descend towards Monte León and turn right towards Los Palmitos Park as you reach the valley. The next climb starts easy enough but gets a lot harder towards the end! Once you reach Palmitos Park, you turn around and head to the Centro de Salud. There you have coffee and refill your tanks before heading to the Faro Maspalomas. After that, it’s back to the starting point.
Pico East 101 km - Uphill 2550m - Downhill 2550m
This climb to the highest point of the island is a must-do for every ambitious cyclist visiting Gran Canaria. And what better way to do it than in the company of like-minded people and with the assistance of an experienced bicycle guide? On this tour, You'll pedal from 20m to 1949m, in just under 50 km. The road to Pico is not a continuous climb but a cycling adventure with steep sections, followed by easy gradients and even some short descents. The route? You start in Playa del Inglés and follow the GC 60. You pass through historical villages like Fataga and San Bartolomé. When you get to Ayacata, you turn right, and the fun begins - 11km with 650m of climbing! Bring your camera for the photo of the summit! The descent back to the coast is as rewarding as the climb. And, once there, the famous coast wind will be in your favor all the way to the finish line.
Santa Lucia - Fataga 82 km - Uphill 1520m - Downhill 1520m
From the bike shop in Playa del Inglés, you head west, along the coastal road. Brace yourself! There usually is a headwind in this section. However, the ocean view in the morning light will compensate for that. As soon as you turn left and head inland, the wind stops and the climbing begins. Up to Santa Lucia, the gradient is steady and mildly challenging. As you climb, on the left, you'll see Fortaleza - one of the most relevant archaeological settlements in Gran Canaria. After that, you pass Santa Lucia and continue our climb towards San Bartolomé, only to turn left again and enjoy a fun descent to Fataga. With a couple of surprise short climbs, that is. Next stop after Fataga, a viewpoint: Degollada de las Yeguas. Finally, you go downhill and back to the starting point in Playa del Inglés.  
Tauropass 92 km Uphill 1770m - Downhill 1770m
You meet in Playa del Ingles and take the shuttle to Puerto de Mogan. From there, you start the gentle climb up to Mogan at 249m. After passing through the charming village, you turn off to the right and start one of the most beautiful climbs in Spain. Some call it Tauropass, others call it Serenity. After reaching the first summit at 915m, the road continues uphill, and you get a fantastic view of the Presa las Ninas reservoir. For the next 10km, you continue to climb steadily to Ayacata where you stop for a break. At 1375m you have also reached the highest point on today’s tour and can now enjoy the long descent through San Bartolomé and Fataga: a well-earned reward after all the climbing!


  • Gran Canaria’s main airport is Gando Airport or Las Palmas Airport (LPA) and the most important hub of the Canary Islands. There are many regular flights to/ from Europe


  • There are regular bus rides between the airport and most of the resorts on the island. A bus ride to Playa del Ingles takes about half an hour. The popular seaside resorts of San Augustin, Playa del Inglés, and Maspalomas are accessible by bus. Buses 1, 5, and 36 run between Gran Canaria Airport and the most important places in southern Gran Canaria. The buses of Global have the most frequent timetable

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  • Guided tour
  • 1 energy nutrition bar
  • Drinking water

How does it work?

Just book your bike online through the Playa del Ingles website


Check the Itinerary tab for the rides you want to ride and send an email to

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  • Guided tour
  • 1 energy nutrition bar
  • Drinking water
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