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Cycling Tour Emilia-Romagna

Guided cycling Tour Emilia-Romagna

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Guided road cycling Tour Emilia-Romagna

The region of Emilia Romagna is a superb road bike destination. Many professional cyclists have trained in the hills of Emilia-Romagna, including the iconic Italian hero Marco Pantani who was born in Cesenatico. Many road cyclists explore the same routes as Pantani used during his training stages for the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia. Every year at the end of May the Gran Fondo Nove Colli starts in Cesenatico. It is one of the oldest and biggest cycling events in Italy. From the hills to the sea: you can find out all about the inland and the traditions of local Romagna cuisine.

Your home base is the Lungomare Bike Hotel in Cesenatico. The hotel offers routes for expert cyclists but also for beginners. Emilia Romagna and the Adriatic coastline region are very popular for every keen cyclist. The perfectly paved roads which are mostly traffic free are the perfect base for a beautiful cycling trip. The tours are suitable for all kinds of cyclists. The coastal resort of Cesenatico is the best starting point for the many tours that stretch into the backyards and along the Adriatic coastline.

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Cycle along the border between Romagna, the Marche, and Tuscany

  • There are 5 group ride programs that have been tried and tested successfully over the years!
  • A highly experienced staff of cycling guides, all experts and in tip-top training… always close to you
  • On-site mechanic available every day
  • Noncyclist options
  • 4* Lungomare bike hotel
  • Rates are per person per night with buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, and “grand buffet” dinner in the restaurant

Choose between 5 different Tours that respond to different levels of training

Chamomilla group

  • Ideal for those who are not overly athletic and travel at a speed of around 18-20 km/h. If you like biking simply for immersing yourself in a meadow and smelling the flowers, for discovering and admiring ancient monuments, or for stopping to enjoy an ice cream, you are in the right group. You can also cycle with an e-bike (You can rent the e-bike from the hotel)

Latte Macchiato group

  • This group is ideal for those who are not very fit and travels at an average speed of 19/21 km/h. If you like the bike but still more to discover the gastronomic traditions of the area and enjoy the scents and landscapes, the group Latte Macchiato is the right for you. This group is also suitable for those traveling with e bike (also rentable at the hotel).

Acqua Gasata group

  • The group Acqua Gasata requires a level of average training and travels at an average speed of about 21/23 km/h. It is recommended for cyclists who love contact with nature and the landscape and who want to increase their performance.

Sangiovese group

  • Sangiovese is the typical wine of Romagna, with a strong flavor, just like this group. The average speed is 24/27 km/h and requires a good workout in the legs.

Spritz group

  • Dedicated to sports or highly trained cyclists, Spritz is a group that maintains an average speed of 27/30 km/h and tackles difficult trails with routes that reach 140 km

On location, you can change every day to another group

Day 1
Check in
Welcome to Italy and especially to Emilia Romagna. Upon your arrival, you will discover that you have entered a magical region, where the hills and the splendid sea will captivate you instantly. Are you ready? Let’s go! Once you arrive at the hotel at 14.00, you will be fitted to your bike, so that you can take your first ride to experience this fantastic territory.
Day 2
Today you will climb the “Marco Pantani “hill, and at the top, you find the Marco Pantani memorial. This is the region where this Italian legend used to do his training rides. On top you descend into the valley, at one time inhabited by the ancient Romans, soon you will arrive Sogliano, where you will enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the sea. In the afternoon, you will visit the Marco Pantani museum, where you can find all his memorabilia and his historical achievements for the ”Italian Ciclismo”
Day 3
The hills in the backyards of Cesenatcio are sometimes gentle and sometimes steep. You will ride among olive groves and vineyards. In fact, you will experience the charm of the Nove Colli, the oldest Gran Fondo and certainly the most popular, with 12,000 participants. You will arrive at Longiano, with its medieval castle overlooking the sea, considered one of the most ideal villages in Europe. At dusk, you can wander around the port of Cesenatico, designed by Leonardo-do da Vinci.
Day 4
When you think of a typical Romagna city, Cesena always comes to mind. Pleasing and welcoming with its many bars and gelaterias, this pearl, a few kilometers from the sea, will provide you with the chance to have an espresso in the main square, in the shade of a fountain from 1500 making it one of the most beautiful places in Emilia-Romagna.
Day 5
Pedaling and confronting the great champions of the past is what you will experience today. After passing the incomparable rocky buttress of the medieval village of San Leo, and looking down the valley below, you will have to face the terrible 6k leading up to Monte Carpegna. Monte Carpegna – training ground of Marco Pantani, and a climb that put the great Eddie Merckx in difficulty at the Giro d’Italia. Before arriving at the village of Sant’Agata, with a fairy tale castle sitting on a cliff, you will cross the valley that was used as the backdrop by Leonardo da Vinci for the Mona Lisa. Along these scenic but difficult roads, we will find time to take a break at a local place with typical, traditional Romagna food.
Day 6
The oldest Republic in the world, San Marino, from its rocky outcrop, dominates the landscape, and we’ll arrive here after climbing the more or less gentle hills, filled with olive groves and vineyards. When we finish with our labors, we’ll arrive at a fantastic farm where the secrets of olive and wine production have been handed down for generations. You’ll taste for yourself the best that our hinterland has to offer and you’ll do so in a unique setting surrounded by olive groves and the sounds of nature.
Day 7
Your last day has arrived, but before you leave this wonderful region, you will ride a route that will allow you to relive the excitement of the week in just a few concentrated hours. Sorrivoli, Monteleone, and Montiano, with their castles and medieval villages, reside in the peaceful hills and will be a perfect summary of the unique cycling trip.
Day 8
Departure day
Departure day... Time to say goodbye and thanks for joining us. We wish you a good flight back home or else a pleasant stay in Italy. Transfers to the airport on request.


  • The nearest airports to Riccione are Rimini & Forli airports. Rimini International Airport is ”Federico Fellini”  and it’s only 20 km away from Cesenatico
  • Forli Airport is also known as Luigi Ridolfi. This airport lies 40 km away from Cesenatico Forli Airport is a popular hub for many tourist resorts around Cesenatico. Bologna, Florence, San Marino, and many other towns on the Adriatic coast are easily accessible from the airport.

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