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Camino del Norte Cycling Tour

Camino del Norte Cycling Tour. 15 days – 14 nights.
For guided options from 4 persons or more send us an email at
April 1 – October 31

Guided or self-guided Tour Along the Coast of Northern Spain, take part in this ancient pilgrimage, all the way from San Sebastián, along the coast to Santiago de Compostela.

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Embarking on the Camino de Santiago along the picturesque coast of Northern Spain, the journey spans from the enchanting San Sebastián to the revered destination of Santiago de Compostela. The meticulously planned 15-day tour unveils the diverse beauty of the Spanish coastline and invites travelers to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of landscapes, culture, and history.

The adventure commences in San Sebastián, a city renowned for its breathtaking setting and culinary delights. The option to explore the French border by train and cycle back adds an extra layer of flexibility to the itinerary. As the journey unfolds, cyclists traverse the coastal route towards Bilbao, relishing the finest Spanish coastal scenery. Charming villages and dramatic cliffs mark the path to Lekeitio, a picturesque fishing village that serves as a tranquil retreat.

The route continues, weaving through historic landmarks such as Guernica, the inspiration for Picasso’s poignant painting. Cyclists encounter Game of Thrones fame on the island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the fascinating transporter bridge in Getxo, a UNESCO World Heritage monument.

Santoña, known for its exquisite anchovies, becomes a delightful stop before reaching Santander, the capital of Cantabria. The tour embraces the medieval charm of Santillana del Mar and the renowned Altamira Caves with ancient paintings. Crossing into Asturias, the journey reveals dinosaur footprints and the vibrant city of Gijón.

The coastal villages of Candás and Luanco set the stage for the picturesque Cudillero, with its colorful houses cascading to the harbor. Continuing west, Luarca and Navia offer more seaside beauty before the tour reaches Galicia, bidding farewell to the coastal landscapes.

Entering Galicia, the landscape transforms into charming green countryside, leading to the Roman-walled city of Lugo. The final stretch takes cyclists through the Galician countryside to Arzúa, setting the stage for the triumphant arrival in Santiago de Compostela. The tour concludes with a short ride to the Plaza do Obradoiro, where pilgrims savor the achievement, reflect on the journey, and celebrate with scallops and white wine.

Departing from Santiago de Compostela, travelers bid farewell to this extraordinary adventure, or extend their stay to further explore the charms of this historic city. The Camino de Santiago along the Northern Spanish coast promises an unforgettable blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and personal accomplishment.

Highlights of the tour:

  • The camaraderie of sharing the route with a multitude of pilgrims
  • Getxo with the fascinating transporter bridge, now a World Heritage monument.
  • San Sebastián, it is difficult to say enough about this wonderful city and its unique setting.
  • Beautiful cities and villages along the coast of Spain
  • The picturesque and lively fishing village of Llanes is surrounded by beautiful beaches.
  • The route c along the delightful coastline through the resorts of Noja, Isla, Ajo, and Galizano.
  • Ever-changing scenery as we cross Northern Spain from east to west
  • The indescribable sensation of arriving in Santiago
Day 1
Arrival to San Sebastián
Arrival in San Sebastián. It is difficult to say enough about this wonderful city and its unique setting. Not to forget of course the splendid tapas bars and also the highest concentration of Michelin stars in the world. It is of course possible to spend an extra night here, and maybe take the local train to the nearby French border and cycle back to San Sebastián.
Day 2
San Sebastián to Lekeitio - 75 KM
We leave San Sebastián, westwards to follow the coast towards Bilbao. This is some of the finest coastal scenery in Spain. At times, we ride along the water's edge; other times we ride high above it with the most fantastic views of the coast, interspersed with the charming villages. 75 km +1451m Tonight's stop is at the picturesque fishing village of Lekeitio.
Day 3
Lekeitio to Getxo (Bilbao) - 66 KM
Another ride along the impressive coastline. En route, we see fishing villages in dramatic settings, such as Elantxobe, surrounded by high cliffs. We cycle around the estuary of Urdaibai, to finally reach the town reach the town of Guernica, the subject of the painting by Picasso, which depicted the horrors of war. Then back to the coast and the villages of Mundaka, Bermeo, the incredible chapel of the island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (of Game of Thrones fame), and then finally Getxo, with the fascinating transporter bridge, now a World Heritage monument. Add an extra night here to visit the famous Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. 66 km +1365m
Day 4
Getxo (Bilbao) to Santoña - 61 KM
We cross the river using the unique Puente Vizcaya, a transporter bridge that dates back to 1893 and is a World Heritage Site. We then follow the coastline to Cantabria and the finish port of Castro Urdailes with its pretty harbor and gothic church on the seafront. From here we follow the coast past the headland of Sonabia, with its impressive colony of Griffon Vultures. Then through Larendo with its enormous beach and across the estuary to the finished village of Santoña, famous for its exquisite anchovies. Accommodation in a beachfront hotel just our side Santoña 61 km +1045m
Day 5
Santoña to Santander - 30 KM
From Santoña the route continues along the delightful coastline through the resorts of Noja, Isla, Ajo, and Galizano. The beaches of Galizano and Langre are magnificent. Somo is a surfing mecca with its long beach. Finally, we cross the beautiful Bay of Santander, to reach the capital of Cantabria, a fine city in a magnificent setting. Spend the afternoon getting to know Santander and trying the fine tapas in its lively town center. 30 km +333m
Day 6
Santander to San Vincente de la Barquera - 73 KM
Leave Santander and cycle the village of Liencres. From here, we follow the beautiful beach through píne forests with the Picos de Europa visible in the distance. Then it is on to the medieval village of Santillana del Mar and the famous Altamira Caves with their 15,000-year-old paintings. More beautiful countryside leads to Comillas, with Gaudi's El Capricho. Finally, we reach the fishing village of San Vincente de la Barquera. 73 km +934m
Day 7
San Vicente de la Barquera to Ribadesella 63 KM
After San Vicente, we reach the beautiful headland of Pechón formed by the salmon fishing rivers of Nansa and Deva on each side. We cross the Deva and enter Asturias. We cycle with the magnificent backdrop of the Sierra de Cuera and the Picos de Europa to our left and the unspoiled coastline to our right. Our next stop is the picturesque and lively fishing village of Llanes surrounded by beautiful beaches. West of Llanes we pass the incredible landlocked beach of Gulpiyuri before reaching the charming town and harbour of Ribadesella. 63 km +807m
Day 8
Ribadesella to Gijón 68 KM
Before leaving Ribadesella, we can take the opportunity to visit the Caves of Tito Bustillo with their famous cave paintings. The coast of Asturias is famous for its dinosaur footprints, and in Colunga we can take the opportunity to visit the Jurassic Museum. We then continue past the beautiful fishing village of Lastres. Villaviciosa has a fine estuary and is also famous for the production of cider, as much a symbol of Asturias as whisky in Scotland. From here a short hop takes us to the bustling seaside city of Gijón. 68 km +1064m
Day 9
Gijón to Cudillero 59 KM
More seaside fishing villages such as Candás and Luanco. We pass the town of Avilés and continue along the coast to reach our destination of Cudillero, one of the most picturesque villages on the Asturian coast with its brightly colored houses cascading down to the harbor with its restaurants and pavement cafés. 59 km +733m
Day 10
Cudillero to Navia 71 KM
West along the coast with more great beaches for en-route swimming. The pretty harbor and fishing village of Luarca make a great lunch stop before we reach the fishing village of Navia. 71 km +1028m
Day 11
Navia to Mondoñedo 65 KM
Today marks a big turning point in the tour. West of Navia we reach the estuary (Ría de Ribadeo) of the River Eo. On the Asturian side, we have the village of Castropol. As we cross the estuary, we reach the village of Ribadeo and we are now in Galicia. From here we turn to the south and say goodbye to the coastline which has accompanied us from San Sebastián onwards. Tonight we stay in the village of Mondoñedo with its Romanesque / Gothic / Baroque cathedral, home to the English Madonna, rescued from St Paul's Cathedral in London in the times of Henry VIII. 65 km +860m
Day 12
Mondoñedo to Lugo 63 KM
We now ride through charming green Galician countryside and tiny villages to our next destination, the city of Lugo. Lugo sits on the River Minho and is surrounded by a virtually intact Roman Wall dating back to the 3rd century AD. 63 km 895m
Day 13
Lugo to Arzúa 68 KM
Another beautiful ride through the enticing Galician countryside with mounting excitement shared with the pilgrims we meet as our goal becomes nearer. Tonight we stay in Arzúa, just a short hop from Santiago de Compostela and the grand finale of our tour. 68 km +1077m
Day 14
Arzúa to Santiago de Compostela 39 Km
A short ride that will enable us to savor the satisfaction of arriving in Santiago itself. Nothing can compare with the arrival at the Plaza do Obradoiro in front of the magnificent cathedral. Time to pay a visit to Saint James himself and then to celebrate with some scallops, and a glass of white wine or two whilst reflecting on our last 2 weeks and our one-in-a-lifetime achievement. 39 km +504 m
Day 15
Departure day
Depart from Santiago de Compostela after breakfast. Time to say goodbye, we hope to see you soon and have a good flight back or extend your stay to see more of this delightful city.

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