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Tour of Flanders 2024

Tour of Flanders 2024 March 29 –  April 1, 4 days/3 nights
Price from (£) 615 – € 710

Tour of Flanders Cyclo – March 29 – Pro Race March 30

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Ronde van Vlaanderen Watch and Cycle Tour

Stretch your limits and feel a bit of heaven! Watch and ride one of the most important classics in the world; The Tour of Flanders. Cycling Flanders is cycling many cobblestone climbs. Cycle all those famous cobblestone sections and find out how it feels to ride your own Tour of Flanders. This will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

“We Ride Flanders” around 16.000 riders tackle the Ronde van Vlaanderen course.

Those die-hards who take part in the Tour of Flanders Cyclosportive can choose from 4 different distances with the longest course departing from Bruges, just like the pros, while the three shorter courses depart from Oudenaarde. The four choices of events to enter: 75km, 144km, and 179km sportives from Oudenaarde and the full 235km distance from Bruges. The internationalization of the Tour of Flanders Cyclo has long been an established fact, which was proven last year since, for the first time, the Tour included more foreign riders than Belgians. The Tour of Flanders Cyclo has now been given the subtitle ‘’We Ride Flanders’’ in its communication.

Everyone knows that the heart of Belgian’s cycling passion is… The Tour of Flanders

  • The start of the Tour of Flanders is in one of the most charming cities of Belgium, Bruges
  • Cycle Belgium is feeling the ambiance of the race when we follow the riders on the track from the start
  • Tour of Flanders cycle event We Ride Flanders. This cycling event takes place one day before the professional race.
  • Cycling Flanders is riding cobblestone climbs!
  • Explore famous climbs like Paterberg, Kwaremont, Koppenberg, Kluisberg, or the Wall of Geraardsbergen
  • Discover the beautiful medieval city of Ghent and taste Belgium’s gastronomic kitchen.

Cycle Classic Tours gives you the opportunity to ride and watch one of the five monuments in cycling history; The Tour of Flanders. Cycling the Tour of Flanders means; iconic climbs, through tiny medieval villages on famous cobblestone tracks. The Tour of Flanders is a national day in Belgium with millions of spectators. Oudenaarde will have the finishing line. The course track includes three climbs over the Oude Kwaremont and the Paterberg.

Day 1
Check in Friday March 29
Today is about getting you to Ghent via your preferred method, You can make your own way by car or air. If you have booked bike rental then it will be available today. Providing 2 transfers from Brussels airport at 11.00* or at 16.00* on 31st March. Airport transfers for flights after 16:00 cannot be accommodated.
Day 2
Saturday March 30 Tour of Flanders Cyclosportive
The longer distance sportive will start from Bruges. The 3 shorter distances start in Oudenaarde. All sportive finish in Oudenaarde. In the morning after an early breakfast, you will be transported and your bike safely to Oudenaarde and Bruges for the start of the Tour of Flanders sportives. At the finish, you will supplied with a well-deserved complimentary drink and snack. Transport you and your bike back to Ghent in order of finish times.
Day 3
Sunday 31 March The Pro Race
Today is the day of the Tour of Flanders Professional race.
  • Option 1 – You can purchase the Official 2024 Tour of Flanders Hospitality see Tour of Flanders VIP 2024  There are different types of VIP and hospitality access at various prices,
  • Option 2 – You can follow the race from Ghent straight to Oudenaarde and watch the full schedule of events from there including the women’s race start and finish, multiple passages of the women’s and men’s race plus the finish of the men’s race leaving Ghent at approximately 09:00 to allow some extra time in bed than the official VIP packages. In Oudenaarde, there will be large TV screens to watch the race and many facilities for food and drink at your own expense.

Oudenaarde Itinerary

  • 11.00: start of Tour of Flanders for women in the Oudenaarde marketplace
  • 12.25: Passage women on the Wolvenberg
  • 12.30: Passage Tour of Flanders men at the market in Oudenaarde
  • 13.10: Passage Eikenberg and Wolvenberg
  • 13.15: Passage cobblestone zone Ruiterstraat/Kerkgate
  • 14.45: Finish women at Minderbroedersstraat in Oudenaarde
  • 15.10: Passage men Koppenberg
  • 16.10: Finish men at Minderbroedersstraat in Oudenaarde
Day 4
Monday April 1 Departure day
Please check out of the hotel and make your own onward travel arrangements or make use of the airport transfer. There is one departure transfer on April 1st departing the hotel at 08:00 for flights departing Brussels Airport (BRU) after 12:00 noon. Airport transfers for flights departing before 12:00 noon cannot be accommodated
  • Airport
    Belgium’s main airport is Zaventem International Airport. There are many flights to and from Madrid/ Paris Charles de Gaulle/ Amsterdam/ Frankfurt/ Berlin/ Rome/ London Heathrow/Copenhagen/ Barcelona/ Athens/ Zurich and many more very important cities from all around the globe. The second most important is Charleroi International Airport. Ryanair has a lot of flights to and from Charleroi.
  • Train
    The Airport’s train station is located below Zaventem International Airport. There are 4 to 5 trains an hour to/from Brussels North, Brussels Central, and the main station Brussels Midi. From here all trains connect you to several destinations in Belgium. International Trains will leave to and from Brussels Midi Railway station. The Thalys (fast train between Paris and Amsterdam) has frequent fares between Paris Gare du Nord – Lille – Brussels Midi- Antwerp- Rotterdam – Amsterdam at least every half an hour. The Eurostar (train which connects Great Britain to Continental Europe) from/ to London has up to 9 fares per day. Gent is only a 30-minute ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport. Ghent’s main railway station is Sint-Pieters.


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  • Tour of Flanders Sportive Entry pack delivered to your hotel if entry booked with us Price from (£) 615 – € 710
  • 3 nights hotel at the Ibis Kathedraal*** in Ghent center
  • Return transport to Oudenaarde or Bruges (long distance only)
  • Transport to Oudenaarde or Antwerp on Sunday pro race day (return)
  • The services of the support team including mechanics
  • Food and drinks at the finish on the day of the Tour of Flanders Sportive
  • Bike storage at the hotel
  • A cycling jersey
  • We Ride Flanders medal worth €10
  • Entry into the Tour of Flanders Cyclo Sportive (We Ride Flanders).
  • 75 km  Price (£) 50 – € 58
  • 114 km Price (£) 60 – € 70
  • 179 km Price (£) 65 – € 75
  • 257 km Price (£) 75 – € 88
  • Bike rental - road bike from €175 check  Bike rentals Tour of Flanders
  • VIP - Finish Oudenaarde Flanders Classics Club € 375
  • VIP Breakfast Bruges Start € 195
  • VIP Oude Kwaremont € 515
  • Please note, if you do not take our option for the cyclosportive and you want to ride, you need to enter yourself directly with the race organizer but you will have to queue to register in the morning before the race to collect your race number. Please also note that for the 2024 Flanders Cyclo Sportive, the entries will not be available on the day of the event as the event is likely to sell out in advance. we can offer you guaranteed entries to this iconic cycling event.
  • Extra (£) 50 – €  42 Coach/Mini Bus on day 1 of the tour from Brussels Airport - BRU to IBIS HOTEL GENT KATHEDRAAL (29/03/2024 - 11:00:00)
  • Extra (£) 50 – €  42Coach/Mini Bus on day 1 of the tour from Brussels Airport - BRU to IBIS HOTEL GENT KATHEDRAAL (29/03/2024 - 16:00:00)
  • Extra (£) 50 – €  42 Coach/Mini Bus on day 4 of the tour from IBIS HOTEL GENT KATHEDRAAL to Brussels Airport - BRU (01/04/2024 - 08:00:00)




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