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Gent Wevelgem VIP 2024

Gent Wevelgem VIP 2023 Sunday, March 24 -2024

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Gent Wevelgem Classic Race

Gent Wevelgem is one of the traditional season openers for the Flemish cobbled cycling season as well as the UCI cycling World Tour as a whole. The start is in the town of Deinze near Ghent and the finish will be in the town of Wevelgem.

The following Gent Wevelgem VIP packages are available

  • Package 1 – VIP Start Ypres €120 per person
  • Package 2 – VIP Kemmelberg Lunch €455 per person
  • Package 3 – VIP Baneberg €375 per person
  • Package 4 – VIP Finish Wevelgem €190 per person SOLD OUT
  • Package 5 – VIP  Wevelgem Lunch €375
March 24
VIP Start Ypres
LOCATION: Market Square Ypres | TIMING: 8:30 – 11:00* Combine an extensive breakfast with the Men’s and Women’s Elite team presentations and the start. Enjoy the beautiful ambiance at the market square from the front row. After the Men’s race is underway, stay for some local U19 and U23 racing.
  • Extensive breakfast buffet
  • Team presentation WorldTour Men Elite on the podium
  • Start WorldTour Men Elite, Nations Cup U23
  • Kattekoers, Nation’s Cup U19 André Noyelle
  • Finish Nation’s Cup U19 André Noyelle
March 24
VIP Kemmelberg Lunch
LOCATION: Kemmelberg | TIMING: 11:30 – 19:00 At the top of the Kemmelberg, you will be at the center of all the action on one of Flanders’ most iconic cobbled hills. At the highest point of the province, you will see no fewer than five passages; the Elite Men's race passes 3 times and the Women’s Elite race passes twice. There is a good chance that you will be cheering the winner over the top! Included:
  • VIP parking and shuttle service
  • Access to the atmospheric VIP tent at the top of the Kemmelberg
  • Aperitif with appetizers
  • Excellent extensive lunch
  • Selected wines
  • Access to the VIP zone with a direct view of the race
  • Live TV broadcast
  • Open bar
  • 3 passages of the Men's race & 2 passages of the Women's race
  • Live TV broadcast on big screens
March 24
VIP Baneberg VIP Banenberg
LOCATION: Baneberg | TIMING: 11:30 – 19:00 Molenhof Country house in Westouter is the ideal location for people who love an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the excellent cuisine in a warm and cozy setting with a beautiful view over the magnificent Heuvelland and Northern France! From the front row, you can enjoy four passages: 2 times the Women’s Elite race and two times the greatest cycling champions of the Elite Men.  Experience the race at this unique location at the top of the Baneberg, a steep, challenging climb to finish off the Rodeberg. Escape the hustle and bustle with a ride on the chair lifts above the vineyards. And then immerse yourself fully in the racing experience and a cozy atmosphere. Included:
  • VIP Parking
  • Access to the VIP location at top Baneberg
  • Aperitif with appetizers
  • Excellent 3-course lunch
  • Selected wines
  • Live TV broadcast
  • Ticket for the chairlift above the vineyards
  • Open bar
  • 4 live passages
March 24
VIP Finish Wevelgem
LOCATION: Wevelgem | TIMING: 14:00 – 20:30* The course of the race or the winner of Ghent Wevelgem cannot be predicted. But what is a certainty: the exceeding of the finish line by the winner guarantees a gigantic goosebumps moment for every cycling fan. And you definitely don’t want to miss that moment! Afterwards, you can enjoy an excellent walking dinner and exchange experiences with all other cycling enthusiasts present. Included:
  • VIP places at the finish line in Wevelgem
  • Finish WorldTour Men and Women Elite
  • Walking dinner
  • Champagne and oyster bar
March 24
VIP Wevelgem Lunch
VIP Lunch Wevelgem LOCATION: Wevelgem | TIMING: 12:00 – 20:30 Enjoy a lavish lunch in Wevelgem, before watching the finish live from a VIP area! Included:
  • VIP parking
  • Reception with drinks and appetizers
  • Excellent lunch in Cortina Wevelgem with specially selected wines
  • Live TV broadcast on big screens
  • Open bar
  • Reserved VIP area at the finish line in Wevelgem
  • Watch the finish of the Elite Men and Elite Women

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  • Package 1 - VIP Start Ypres €120 per person
  • Package 2 - VIP Kemmelberg Lunch €455 per person
  • Package 3 - VIP Baneberg €365 per person
  • Package 4 - VIP Finish Wevelgem €190 per person SOLD OUT
  • Package 5 - VIP  Wevelgem Lunch €365
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