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Self-Guided Camino de Santiago Tour

Self-Guided Camino de Santiago Tour. 7 days – 7 nights
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April 1 – October 31

Follow ancient pilgrim footsteps on a centuries-old trail to Santiago de Compostela!

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For centuries, pilgrims have embarked on a timeless journey along a route steeped in history and spirituality. The pilgrimage commences in the enchanting city of León, a place with a rich cultural heritage and a significant starting point for seekers of divine connection. This path, revered as the oldest, most celebrated, and most frequented tourist route in Europe, bears witness to the passage of countless souls throughout the ages.

As pilgrims traverse this sacred route, they encounter a tapestry of landscapes that captivate the senses.
From the charming villages nestled in the embrace of nature to the grandeur of monumental cities, each step unfolds a story of the pilgrimage’s enduring significance.
Monuments stand sentinel along the route, silent witnesses to the countless footsteps that have gone before, reminding travelers of the profound history etched into the very fabric of the pilgrimage.

Beyond the spiritual quest, the journey offers a feast for the senses. Picturesque villages beckon with their rustic charm, while monumental cities present opportunities to savor the finest wines and cuisines. The pilgrimage becomes a holistic experience, engaging not only the spirit but also the palate and appreciation for diverse cultures. The pinnacle of this transformative journey is the arrival in Santiago, a city that resonates with sacred energy. Its fine cathedral, a masterpiece of architecture, stands as a testament to centuries of faith and devotion. Winding through medieval streets, pilgrims find themselves immersed in a bygone era, surrounded by the echoes of those who once walked the same cobblestone paths.

In Santiago, the pilgrimage culminates in a celebration of both personal and collective triumphs, a rendezvous with the divine, and a reflection on the profound connection between past and present. This pilgrimage, with its timeless allure, continues to beckon travelers to embark on a quest that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Highlights of the tour:

  • History-infused landscapes of Castilla
  • Cycle through classic Castilian landscapes, complete with holm oaks, golden wheatfields, and gentle ups and downs.
  • Great food and wine of Galicia
  • The mythical O’Cebreiro pass is the most demanding peak along the western section of the Camino.
  • Famous medieval city of Santiago de Compostela
  • Visit the Pilgrims’ Office where you can obtain the “Compostela” certificate which certifies you as an official pilgrim.
Day 1
Arrival Point to Léon
Everything you need for the tour will be ready at your hotel: your touring bike with all accessories, detailed documentation with maps, and a road book. Founded in 884 AD, Léon has abundant gastronomic and architectural riches - dinner is best enjoyed by having tapas in the atmospheric bars, located along the narrow streets of the Barrio Húmedo. The cathedral is a gem from the Gothic period. Accommodation: Parador de Léon
Day 2
Léon to Astorga - +49km
Today's route takes us through classic Castillian landscapes, complete with holm oaks, golden wheatfields, and gentle ups and downs. The landscape in the first half of the route is relatively dry, but gets greener the further west you get; you'll cross fields full of diverse crops, such as wheat, corn, hops, and wine grapes. You will see geckoes, birds of prey, and a lot of dairy cows! Astorga is home to three national monuments and one of the best Romanesque facades. Accommodation: Hotel Vía de la Plata Spa
Day 3
Astorga to Villafranca del Bierzo - +75km
From Astorga, the Camino starts to climb gently, until it meets the first mountain on the way. Once you've reached the top of Foncebadón, take it easy and enjoy the sweeping downhill ride, and the gorgeous views of the ride through wine country Villafranca. The town of Villafranca del Bierzo is a historical and artistic monument, that was created to give refuge and sanctuary to the pilgrims, before initiating the most difficult part of their pilgrimage. The monastery cloister is a Renaissance jewel. Accommodation: Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo
Day 4
Villafranca del Bierzo to Portomarín - +85km
The most challenging day. From Villafranca you ride slowly towards the mythical O'Cebreiro pass, the most demanding peak along the western section of the Camino. With a little patience, it's more than possible to reach the top, but in any case, a taxi is available for those who wish to avoid it. Then, it's downhill all the way to Sarria, and onward via a rolling route to Portomarín. The older neighborhoods of Portomarín once belonged to the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, but now lie submerged, covered by the waters of the Mino River Dam. Accommodation: Hotel Posada de Portomarín
Day 5
Portomarín to Arzúa - +51km
This day provides a lovely alternative to the previous day's hard work. Several easy and long uphills and downhills go through rolling terrain, giving cyclists a view of Galicia's rural landscape. Accommodation: Hotel Casa Teodora
Day 6
Arzúa to Santiago de Compostela - +38km
Today, we are reaching our goal - The Pórtico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago. After taking a breather (and celebrating with others arriving by foot or on horseback), you can visit the Pilgrims' Office, where you can obtain the "Compostela" certificate which certifies you as an official pilgrim. Accommodation is centrally located, giving you the opportunity to explore the streets and bars of the atmospheric historical center. This city, without any doubt, is the most important of the Christian Middle Ages. It has worldwide renown, and each year thousands of travelers come to visit its treasures. Accommodation: Hotel Carrís Casa de la Troya
Day 7
Departure day.
Depart from Santiago de Compostela.

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  • 6 nights of accommodation in charming and historic 3/4 & 5* Hotels, including the Parador de Leon and the Parador de Villafranca
  • Buffet breakfasts
  • Detailed road book and maps
  • Optional taxi transfer from Villafranca to O'Cebreiro on day 4
  • Daily luggage transfer between hotels from beginning to end
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