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Tour info Cycle South Korea Guided tour from Seoul to Andong 2018
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Immerse the charm of South Korea on your bike! The Korean government created over more than 3000km of new bike paths the last years. These days South Korea’s bike paths are among the best in the world. You will cycle through spectacular and quite countryside roads on perfect paved bike paths and completely separated from the main roads. This great Cycling Tour in South Korea includes unique features and highlights including entrances to museums and temples. Your start will be in the capital of Korea Seoul. The Olympic city of 1988 is the perfect location to get accustomed with the Korean history and culture. Visit the Namsan Tower, the Seodaemun Prison history museum or get a glimpse of the Buckon Hanok-Village. Seoul is an ideal starting point to go out cycling and discovering the perfectly paved bike paths along the Han River. You cycle through Yeouido Park: a large recreational park located on Yeouido Island in the central part of Seoul. The bike path along the Han River brings you up to the waterways and it’s full of excitement in all seasons. All roads are perfectly paved and the exclusive bike paths leading you all the way along the Han River, the major river of South Korea. Some cities are on the route, but be a welcome change after many hours of riding through quiet rural landscapes. You will pass and visit cities like Chungju, Yeoju, or Yangpyeong. The bike trail along the river passes in close distance of Mungyeong and Yeongcheon. You’ll cycle through old charming villages surrounded by the impressive natural wonders of South Korea. Following the trails along the South Han River waters are unique opportunity for all lovers of two wheels. South Korea is a paradise for adventurous cyclists!

Get in touch with the friendly Koreans and jump on your bike!

  • Visit the old ancient Silleuksa/Sujongsa tempels 
  • Immerse the rich Korean culture and don't miss the Korean "Art Culinaire" 
  • Cycle the best bike paths in the world in charming South Korea
  • Immerse spectacular landscapes & discover Andong Village
  • Ride form Seoul all the way along the Han River to Andong through beautiful typical countryside villages
  • The cosmopolitan Olympic city and capital of South Korea, Seoul
  • Perfectly paved bike trails along the River


Country South Korea 
Trip Type Guided
Start Tour 1 Seoul coming soon
Finish Seoul
Start Tour 2 Seoul 
Finish Seoul 
Star Tour 3 Seoul 
Fisnish Seoul 
Start Tour 4 Seoul 
Finish Seoul 
Price  €2395
Deposit  €850
Days  9 Days/ 8 Nights
Bikerental Included
Extra Night On Request


Fitness level 1 Required

Itinerary Cycle South Korea 2018

Day 1  Seoul
The capital of South Korea will be your starting point for the upcoming week. Airport Pick up on request (Gimpo Airport, Incheon Airport) during the whole day. For those who'll arrive early morning: Check in at the hotel, meeting with the guide reception of the bikes. At 15.00 start of Seoul City tour.  Overnight in 3 star hotel. What to see:

  • Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is also commonly referred to as the “Northern Palace” because it is the furthest north when compared to the neigh boring palaces of Changdeokgung (Eastern Palace) and Gyeongheegung (Western Palace). Gyeongbokgung Palace is arguably the most beautiful and remains the grandest of all five palaces
  • Insa-dong Street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts. Stores in Insa-dong specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.

Day 2 Seoul to Namyangju

Your first cycling day in South Korea starts on the banks of the mighty Han River. The Han River is the major river in South Korea. On both sides of the river are perfectly paved bicycle paths. In 2011 people voted the river as the most scenic location in Seoul. That’s why we cycle through Yeouido Park. The park is a large recreational area located on Yeouido Island in the central part of Seoul. We will visit Dasan Heritage site in the afternoon. Distance: 68km. Lunch included and dinner in a typical Samgyeopsal korean BBQ restaurant. What to see:

  • Located in Yeouido, the heart of politics, media, banking and finance, Yeouido Hangang Park is easily accessible via public transportation. As one of the most popular parks along Hangang River, the park attracts many visitors, residents, and office workers.
  • The National Assembly Building is a beautiful piece of architecture. The historic building came to life in 1975 after six years of construction. The pillars and the dome symbolize the various opinions of the public emerging as one. The building is a favourite among tourists as it is located next to the Hangang River. The Hangang River sits behind the building as a beautiful backdrop
  • Seoul's beautiful skyline

Day 3 Namyagju - Chuncheon
After breakfast you jump on our bicycle for another beautiful cycling day in South Korea. On your way along the river you will stop and visit some places before you arrive at your final destination:Chuncheon. Here you have an overnight and dinner. Lunch included. Distance 71km. The city of Chuncheon is very popoular for its Dakgalbi steet; a street mushroomed with many restaurants that specialized in Dakgalbi. This typical Korean Dakgalbi is a South Korean dish featuring delicious chicken cubes with vegetables and topped off with a spicy Gochujang sauce. What to see:

  • Animation museum: This is the first-ever museum of its kind in Korea, featuring a string of exhibits highlighting the origin, birth, and development of animation. There is an exhibition hall dedicated to Korean animation and another dedicated to the animation originating from other parts of the world. 
  • Jaraseom Island: is an island formed on the Bukhangang River as a result of the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam in 1943. The name ‘Jaraseom’ comes from the fact that it faces a hill that resembles a Jara (Korean word for soft-shelled turtle). Jaraseom consists of four islands called Dongdo, Seodo, Jungdo, and Namdo, and has various leisure and park facilities. Visitors can find the car camping site and the filming location of the popular TV drama series 'Iris' on Seodos West Island What to see

Day 4 Chuncheon - Yeoju
After indulging our breakfast you leave for Chuncheon Station. Here you take the suburb train to Daeseongli Station. In front of Daeseongli Station you jump on our bikes again for another nice ride along the river. Sometimes you will meet fellow cyclists doing the same routes. The bike trails are wide and mostly flat along Korea’s magnificent Han River, although there are some hilly sections particularly in the central regions of the country. But don’t we all love a bit of variety on our tours! Distance 70 km. Lunch included and evening at leisure. What to see:

  • Yeoju is blessed with Namhangang and Yeoju Field, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is the resting place of Sejong the Great and a cultural capital where old wisdom is still honoured and praised. Yeojubo is dedicated to harmony between the tomb of Sejong the Great and its natural beauty.

Day 5
 Yeoju - Chungju - Sangju
Directly after lunch you will visit the famous Silleuska temple and continue your way one the bike path along the Han River. Water is the single most important requirement for cyclists out on the road. Fortunately this is provided free (and often chilled) at numerous locations such as cafés and service stations. At the end of today’s ride you take the shuttle bus from Chungje to Sangju city. Distance 66km. Lunch included. Hotel Sangju What to see:

  • Silleuksa Temple was built during the Silla dynasty and located deep in the forest of Mt.Bongmisan in Cheonsong-ri, Buknae-myeon, Yeoju-gun. This templeholds several notable national treasures including Geukrakjeon, Josadang, and DacheungJeontap. The temple is an excellent place to learn about Korean Buddhism. The 600-year-old gingko tree is also noteworthy.

Day 6 
 Sangju Bicycle museum - Andong Folk Village
Today’s program includes many highlights. You start early morning with a visit to the Bicycle museum, a few kilometres outside Sangju. After the museum you will have a short stop at the Confucian school before continuing your bike ride along the Nakdong river. Late in the afternoon we arrive at Andong folk village. Here you stay in Andong village “The Capital of Korean Culture”. Andong's international claim to fame comes from having been visited by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. So the story goes, the Queen asked to be taken to the most Korean place in Korea. She got taken to Andong! Distance 70 km. Lunch and dinner included. Overnight in a typical Hanok. What to see:

  • The Sangju Bicycle Museum has a large collection of bicycles of all types and sizes, from all around the world.
  • Located in Andong Hahoe Village, Bukchondaek House was built by Ryu Sa-chun, a high-ranking official from the Joseon Dynasty, in 1797 (21 years into the reign of King Jeongjo from the Joseon Dynasty). The small guest house and servants' quarters to the left and right of the front gate were established first. In 1862 (13 years into the reign of King Cheoljong from the Joseon Dynasty), Ryu's great-grandchild, who served as a senior official of Gyeongsang-do, added inner quarters, a large guest house, a space within the gate, and a shrine, which completed the construction. The hanok is the largest hanok in the village. 

Day 7 Andong Hahoe Village & Andong Hot Springs

Today will be a relaxing day! First you taste a typical Korean Breakfast at 09.00 before you visit the Andong Mask museum. Round noon you take the public bus to Andong Hot Spring. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the natural Hot springs in Andong village. This feels like heaven! Dinner will be provided. overnight in a typical Hanok. What to see:

  • Andong Folk Village & Mask Museum The Andong Village is where you can experience Confucian culture and traditional games of Korea. Andong is famous for Confucian culture and the four traditional ceremonies (the ceremonies of coming of age, marriage, funeral and ancestral worship). Here you‘ll see the lifestyles of the past and important cultural treasures. 
  • Mask Museum Hahoe Mask Museum is located in Andong Hahoe Village.The museum not only displays Hahoe masks, but also other traditional masks from all over the world.

 Day 8 Andong Folk Village – Andong Express Bus Terminal

In the morning you indulge a very nice Korean breakfast At Andong Bus terminal station we will take the express bus back to Seoul. Back in Seoul take a refreshing shower before you finalize your cycling trip. Your farewell dinner will be in one of Seoul's top class Korean BBQ Restaurant: Overnight in three star hotel in Seoul. What to do:

  • Night walk along Seoul Han River

Day 9 Departure Day

Time to say goodbye. Drop off to the airport during the whole day (on request). A good flight back home or else a pleasant stay in South Korea.

Arrival Day Seoul

Arrival Day Seoul

Day 2 Seoul to Yangsu

Bike tour along the Han River

Day 3 Yangsu to Jara Island

Day 4 Jara Island to Chuncheon

Day 5 Yangsu to Yeoju

Day 6 Yeoju to Chungju

Day 7 Sangju to Andong Folk Village

Day 8 Andong Village to Andong Dam

Departure Day

Airport/ Train Information Cycle South Korea Seoul Airport

The most important gateway to/from Seoul is the international airport Incheon. The airport is one of the biggest airports in the world and currently among the six busiest airports in Asia with over more than 36 million passengers a year. The last years Incheon international airport was rated as the best airport worldwide. Incheon airport is one of the most important hubs to all kind of destinations in Asia or the US. There are many flights to/ from Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, London Heathrow, Copenhagen or Zurich and much more important cities from all around the Globe.

The other airport is the older Gimpo International airport that mostly serves domestic flights and shuttle flights to many airports in China, Japan and Taiwan.

You can reach Seoul city by train. There are regular trains which stops at all stations before arriving Seoul main railway station. The train ride takes 55 minutes. The Non-Stop Express train takes 45minutes Another option is the bus.

The bus ride takes you in one and a half hour to downtown Seoul. In front of the arrival hall you can find the bus stop. Airport buses run from Incheon International Airport to most parts of Seoul. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket booths just outside the terminal.

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